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"Extremely happy with the service received at this great shop" - Tony Arabian ★★★★★

"I’ve been getting braids my whole life and this was the best experience I’ve never had. the style was exactly what I wanted and it wasn’t tight. Berthe makes sure that you are comfortable and happy with the style throughout the process! going to be recommending to everyone I know." - Kaitlyn Campbell ★★★★★

"Very nice experience here, extremely professional and makes you feel comfortable throughout the process. Will be a regular customer going forward! Thank you Berthe!" - Sharon Okaine ★★★★★

"Hans Berthe is simply amazing. She patiently and professionally advised me on what I needed to get done and proceeded to execute immaculately. I love my new look and will definitely be back!" - Maureen Kerubo_Momanyi ★★★★★

"Berthe is a great cosmetologist. She knows my hair type and knows what my hair needs. She also gives me lots of tip of what I have to do when I’m home till the next time I go see her again. She’s nice and always delivered so I’m always happy coming out of the salon. Thank you Berthe!" Ruth Jeune ★★★★★

"Berth is awesome! She really took her time to style my hair. She is very patient and understanding. She was able to identify my hair type and what I need. Great customer service!" Laetitia Edmond ★★★★★

"Outstanding service and professionalism. I was being treated with respect. I received excellent quality service on time, in a very clean environment." Rosie Boucard ★★★★★

"Went to get my first perm today. Berth was kind, fast, and very professional. Got some great products for from her, will definitely be back!" Ilima Zabcik ★★★★★

"I would like to say that I had a great experience at the salon and Hans is a master of her craft. I would not hesitate to recommend the shop to any of my friends. I do wish the shop continued success and growth." Florence Saint-Victor ★★★★★

"I am really satisfied with the services. Hans B really knows what she's doing. My color, treatment and blowout were the best I have ever had in years." Andrise Boutin ★★★★★

"The best beauty salon I’ve ever been to. She really knew what she was doing on my natural hair." Betty Black ★★★★★

"Hans-Berthe is a consummate and versatile professional with a calm, pleasant demeanor and extensive skill and experience in her field, and a concern for hair health, not just results, a rarity among stylists, especially natural/textured hairstylists, many of whom either braid too tight or relax hair too harshly, all in the name of cosmetic results. She is also a delightful person to talk with, and this combination of prowess and personality makes the normally interminable process of, say, getting waist-length knotless braids, fly by somehow. Since my first visit last summer, I have experimented with different color extensions, had my ends trimmed very expertly and had my hair grow as a result, and am now considering color and other chemical processes, as I am confident that Hans will prioritize and promote hair health throughout and counsel me wisely. Highly recommended!" Ileana Santamaria ★★★★★

"Great services. I recommend it. Should give a try." Nusrat Khan ★★★★★

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