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1. For braiding, hair has to be at least 4 inches long.


2. Self-booking is appreciated, and please be aware that your credit card will NOT be charged upon scheduling.


3. Service(s) rendered may be paid in cash, or debit. 

4. Please keep in mind, that there will be a temporary HOLD placed on any Credit Card, just in case there is a NO SHOW OR A LESS THAN 24H CANCELLATION.

5. Appointments have a grace period of 10 mins after the scheduled time. Past 10 mins, a late fee of $20 is required. If you are 30 mins late, the appointment is subject to be canceled and a card that we have on file will be charged full price of the service(s).

6. Price may change upon HAIR LENGTH and DENSITY.


7. We accept CHILDREN ages 8 or older, but some considerations are possible after we meet them. 

Thank you! 

Hair Supplies
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